Video Content (Generate Graphics, Storyboard Animation, Camera Operating)
After a video script was a signed off from the editorial team, I worked alongside a Motion Graphics Designer to storyboard graphics that supported the script's thesis. As well as creating graphics for motion, I designed the video thumbnails, end slates and cut tighter versions of the videos to repackage as bite-size social assets.  


Animated GIFs 
Below you'll see a plethora of GIFs I created using motion graphics software. These were used as the hero image of news and feature articles and/or lived on social media. 

Instagram Stories
I created branded content in the form of Instagram Stories. The objective was to make them informative, entertaining and most importantly, engaging!

SXSW Themed Multi Channel Content (Video, Editorial, Social, Email)
For SXSW event coverage, I lumped all variants of content together with branding that complimented SXSW's Vis ID. Having the same look and feel across all channels made it easier for our audience to identify and navigate the content they wished to see.

AList Sessions Campaign (Print, Web, Social, Email, Banner Ads, Event Signage)

Media Kit


Product Photography + Retouching

Social Content (Photography, Retouching, Copy Writing, Strategy)

Email Marketing (Photography, Retouching, Design, Copy Writing, Strategy)

Line Sheet (Layout Design)